Zeev (Vladimir) Belkin

Programming languages:
    Java,C, C++, PHP4, Delphi, C-Builder , Java-Script, VB-Script , 80x86 Assembler, Pascal, Fortran.
Operating systems: UNIX (Linux), Win3.1x/95/98/ME/NT, CISCO IOS (administration via telnet, interacction via RADIUS), MS-DOS
DBMS's: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS-SQL(6.5/7), Oracle9 , Jet (MS-Access), BDE (Paradox).
Other skills: Win16/32 API (excellent knowledge), SQL, ADO, JDBC, ODBC, ActiveX, ASP, CORBA .
Networking: TCP/IP

ICQ UIN: 1937438
Year of birth: 1967
Place of birth: Moscow, Russia.
Experience: 14 years.
Date of repatriatrion: 19-01-2003

Last position: (15-06-2003 -- 30-09-2003) Programmer in the firm Sintecmedia ( , Jerusalem.
Tools: C-Builder, Oracle, CORBA. The agreement forbids to tell any details of the project.

Before the current position I have worked some time as a freelancer (my last projects and customers are listed below).

Last project: Portable genealogical data management application (I have developed this application for a private customer). It is a Java 1.1.x application that works on different JVM's and platforms. I have tested it under Microsoft JVM (Windows 98/ME/XP), Sun JVM 1.3.x (Windows ME and Linux) and IBM OS/2 JVM 1.3.x. The application provides powerful user interface for creating and editing genealogical trees, GEDCOM-file import/export, photo-albums with thumbnails. The multimedia effects, provided by this program, are like Macromedia Flash application (see screenshots:,, ). This application can import and export GEDCOM files. The native data file format is extremely compact (photos and those thumbnails are stored in separate directories). Ordinary a native file is nine times shorter than the source GEDCOM file. The application engine and access data from a local file system and via http. The application is packed to a single .JAR file that weights about 640K bytes. Uncompressed size of my .class files is about 420K (about 300 classes). Also the .JAR file contains about 300K bytes of JPEG and audio data, a PNG-decoder (MS JVM does not decodes PNG properly) and a JPEG-encoder to produce thumbnails. I developed all this application except the background images (a professional artist has painted them for the customer). The program works well on computers with Pentium MMX 250 MHz and faster CPU's with 64M RAM.

Medical researches software for "Sensatec" (UK firm). This is software is a part of automated system for a biosensor diagnostics. It is Delphi program that communicates with the equipment via a COM port (also the software works with ADC-card plugged into PC ISA-slot). The equipment (UTS) contains ADC's, several pumps and valves. UTS has built-in controller that allows a PC to control these pumps and valves via a COM port. Also PC can (and should) change the controller settings. The software controls the equipment, gets data from it, visualizes the measurement process, calculates the measurement results, stores the data and the results in a database (BDE) and provides access to the stored data.

Database table record editor. It is a part of "Arttechnics " (a Moscow WEB-design firm) content management system. This CMS stores data, partially, in the PostgreSQL tables. The CMS supports several types of data (HTML, plain text, select, integer, data, timestamp, :). This editor allows to a WEB-site administrator to edit a whole record, that may include several HTML-fields, in a WYSWYG-mode. The editor contains elaborated tools to manage images inserted into the HTML-fields: each user has his own directory tree on the server side to store his images; it is possible to insert images from the local computer with immediate upload to the server, etc. This is a multi-user editor (it uses Apache to auth the users). The user should work under MS-Windows use MSIE5 or later (other browsers are not supported, because the editor uses an ActiveX that is a part of MSIE). PHP4-scripts and Apache are used on the server side (the system works under Linux). Most part of the editor code is a client-site JavaScript-code. Also I wrote some other software for the same firm, such as PostgreSQL-stored unlimited size trees (editor and viewer -- PHP4 classes).

An ISP system for a small company that provides an internet connectivity for several home networks. The users access internet via PPTP tunnels with encryption (the home networks are behind firewall). The system works under linux (May be I will make also a FreeBSD version). It uses PoPToP daemon and a patched PPP daemon (MPPE patch and my own patch for collaboration with the accounting system). The system allows to have multiple tariff plans, each from them has its own traffic/price grid. There is an administrator WEB interface that allows to: add/remove/edit user profiles and tariff plans, provide/cancel payments, see user statistics and list of active sessions. I have writing this in C and PHP+JavaScript. There is also a statistics server for users. This is a new system, it does not use any code I have written for "Tradition" (see below).

Two last permanent positions :

Time frame: 10/2000 -- 04/2001.
Company: "Open Technologies Linux", Moscow , Russia .
Title: programmer analyst.

Project: Component of open source H.323 video conference software that utilizes H.245 and H.225 protocols. This component initiates (provides capability exchange etc.) and terminates H.245 communication session and launches external components (slightly patched MBONE tools: "vic " and "rat", or similar components developed into the company) those utilize RTP/RTCP transport, codec's, grabbers and renders. This software is written in C++ for Linux. I planed to rewrite the component to Python, but this was not accomplished.

Time frame: 04/1998 -- 8/2000
Company: "Tradition" ( ) , Moscow , Russia.
Title: programmer.


1.ISP system. This is an one host solution for small ISP that grants dial-up access to internet, mail accounts and web hosting. It is used internally in the company. The system is managed via web interface that allows to: make, delete and change tariff plans; add and remove user accounts and change user profiles (including changing tariff plan and account payer); perform and cancel payment; see list of active dial-up sessions ; inspect user statistics. Also the users can see their statistics via web interface. It is no need for the ISP system operator to know anything about the internals. There is in the system a concept "account payer". The term "account" has two values "service account" and "billing account" , but there is one namespace for both kinds of accounts. There may be several service accounts for one billing account. This facility is used to serve corporate clients and to provide optional services (those are not included to user active tariff plan). The system provides the next services for users: dial-up access, mailboxes, web account for user home pages, virtual web servers. The software works under Linux. The heart of the system is a database that runs under MySQL. Also there are RADIUS daemon (patched version of cistron), PAM module "pam_isp", HTTPD: Apache+mod_ssl+PHP3, FTPD (to upload files to user's web space), SMTPD: sendmail, POP3D+IMAPD: UW-IMAPD with authorizing via "pam_isp ". I wrote this in C++, the web interface is written in PHP.
2.Client part of software for management of network of infomats (I also participated in design of server part of this software). The company makes infomats (both hardware and software) and sells them. These infomats are Win9x/WinNt bases and use PWS or IIS as a local web server (to execute scripts). Local content of infomat is split into number of information channels. The channel can include: number of file directory trees stored on the local HDD of infomat, number of ActiveX servers (both .dll's and .exe's), number of databases in MS Access (.mdb) format and others. There is database on the server that stores profiles of all possible information channels, configuration and status of each infomat in the network Infomats update their information content from number of HTTP or FTP server (MD5-sum of each directory tree and for each file from the tree is stored with data) . Client part of the software can add and remove channels from the infomat local HDD, update content of existing channel and handle change of the channel profile, update client software itself. When the software manipulates information content of infomat it can register/unregister ActiveX's and add/remove ODBC DSN's. I wrote this software in Delphi .

Also I made one volunteer project (1995-1996):  high quality C++ library that wraps Win16/Win32 API.

This library has the next advantages:

   I published an article in #4-1995 of PC-Magazine/Russian edition. Where I described an emulation of C++ exception handling for archaic compilers like MSVC 1.x (unlike MFC emulation my emulation provides stack unwinding). You can see english version of this article:

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