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My siberian cat -- Marisa.

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I am a programmer. Java is my favorite language.

You can use this freeware application to browse multiple javadoc sets by a convenient way.

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  I invented some advanced C++ techniques, including:

  Also I have been developing an advanced C++ library Charms Tool Kit  that wrap Win 16/32 API including winsock 1.1.

  If you use mail and news applications for MS Windows  like Eudora  or NewsXpress and you want to work with Cyrillic texts in KOI8 encoding, you probably need a proxy server to convert cp1251<->koi8 on fly. You can download the Rabbit Hole  -- my version of such proxy. It works on MS Windows 3.1x, MS Win95 and MS WinNT.

Interesting links

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  4. Object oriented programming.
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